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f = indicates services are offered in French and English


General Secretary, Danielle Fullan Kolton 204-831-3064
f Assistant General Secretary-Labour Relations, Dan Turner 204-831-3050
f Assistant General Secretary-Professional Status, Cheryl Chuckry 204-831-3061
Chief Financial Officer, Kim Kummen 204-560-4549
Human Resources Administrator, Debbie Guillas 204-831-3060
Executive Assistant, Christen Winning 204-831-3051
Executive Assistant, Léanne Laroche 204-831-3078

Professional and French Language Services

f Department Head, Brahim Ould Baba 204-831-3066
Staff Officer, Sascha Epp 204-831-3089
Staff Officer, Sarah Gazan Ext. 225
Staff Officer, Lia Gervino 204-831-3062
Staff Officer, Sherry Jones Ext. 236
Staff Officer, Eric Sagenes Ext. 293
f Coordinator, Julie McClintock Ext. 224
f Senior Administrative Assistant, Fran Kornelson Ext. 230
Administrative Assistant, Joyce Deleau Ext. 219
f Administrative Assistant, Danielle Normandeau Ext. 233
Administrative Assistant, Tanya September Ext. 226
Administrative Assistant, Ashley Fifer Ext. 234

Teacher Welfare

Department Head, Arlyn Filewich 204-831-3070
Staff Officer, Tom Paci 204-831-3074
Staff Officer, Tim Breen 204-831-3086
f Staff Officer, Ashleigh Deeley Michaluk 204-831-3065
Staff Officer, Darren Hardy 204-831-3054
f Staff Officer, Rejean LaRoche 204-831-3071
Staff Officer, Terri Lynn Hill 204-831-3079
Staff Officer, Andrew Peters 204-831-3068
Staff Officer, Andrea Zaroda 204-831-3059
Economic Analyst, Zac Saltis 204-831-3056
Policy Analyst, Joseph Warbanski Ext. 215
Coordinator, Marie-France Baker Ext. 239
Administrative Assistant, Judy Alderson Ext. 238
f Administrative Assistant, Nicole Bernard Ext. 251

Benefits (Disability Benefits and Educator Assistance Program)

Department Head, Glen Anderson 204-831-3052
DBP/EAP Administrator, Karen Wurr 204-934-0382
Case Manager, Adelle Field Burton 204-934-0383
Case Manager, Norine Hiebert 204-934-0389
Case Manager, Esther Penner 204-831-3088
Case Manager, Rita Serbin 204-934-0380
f Case Manager, Dan Leclair 204-934-0397
Case Manager, Mike Hutton 204-934-0385
Case Manager, Dan Swanton 204-934-0381
Case Manager, Lisa Chernecki 204-934-0396
Case Manager, Shauna Streich 204-837-2564
f Case Manager, Stephanie Lacasse 204-934-0384
Coordinator, Debbie Fondaumiere 204-934-0388
Benefit Payments Lead, Robin Mitchell 204-934-0392
f Administrative Assistant, Lisa Firth 204-831-3082

EAP Counsellor, Angela Haig Ext. 572
f EAP Counsellor, Sylvie Ringuette Ext. 572
EAP Counsellor, Zach Schnitzer Ext. 572
EAP Counsellor, Louise Lamont (Brandon)
EAP Administrative Assistant, Lorette Delaurier (Brandon)

Communications and Contact Services

Department Head, Anne Bennett 204-831-3072
Public Relations Facilitator, Ray Job 204-831-3057
Public Affairs Facilitator, Samantha Turenne 204-831-3087
Graphic Designer, Krista Rutledge Ext. 263
Graphic Designer, Matthew Kehler Ext. 256
Media Communications Specialist, Matea Tuhtar Ext. 211
Administrative Assistant, Mireille Theriault Ext. 354

Contact Services Coordinator, Jennifer Nasse Ext. 253
Contact Services Clerk, Crystal Wiebe Ext. 299
Contact Services Clerk, Disha Bhati Ext. 264
f Receptionist, Lisa Bellemare

Finance and Technology

Chief Financial Officer, Kim Kummen Ext. 202
Information Technology Administrator, Andrew Beardsall Ext. 257
Senior Finance Assistant, Joanne Gauthier Ext. 204
Finance & Payroll Assistant, Princess Alejandro Ext. 203
Administrative Clerk, Glenda Cantley Ext. 273


Facilities Administrator, David Johnston 204-831-3075
Staff, Kevin Lewis  Ext. 277
Staff, Susan Perreault  Ext. 276
Staff, Arnel Mallari  Ext. 283