It is easy to have a passing thought of wanting to get organized or reorganize an area in your workplace, your home, or for daily activities. It can feel so overwhelming you might end up not doing anything.  Not knowing where or how to start can feel daunting. Our professional organization workshops will provide guidance on everything from time management to suggestions on how to deal with all the papers you accumulate throughout the year.

Presentation Topics Include (but are not limited to)

Managing Your Time Effectively: Everything we do in our lives has to fit in somewhere.  Learning to decide what we need to do, and what of the many things that we would like to do, are important steps in using your time in the best way that you can. How time is managed can affect all areas of your life.  We will look at strategies that can help you gain control in your home and work.

Getting Organized: I’ve Tried: Living with disorganization can affect daily life at home and work.  Getting organized or reorganized is not just about pretty boxes on a shelf.  It is finding systems and solutions that will work for your individual needs. Throughout this presentation, we will look at a variety of areas that people have difficulty in gaining control.  In this session, there will be strategies shared that could be incorporated in your life.

Buried in Paper: Paper can take up a large amount of space and time in our lives. There is so much paper that comes into our homes and work.  What to do with it all can be overwhelming.  Creating systems that make it easier to make decisions of what to do with it all will be discussed. Learning some strategies to conquer the paper piles that control our daily living is key in gaining an organized and useable space.

Presenter: Susan Macaulay
Susan Macaulay of Clarity Over Clutter is a Professional Organizer who works with individuals, and families to create and enjoy a functional home. Susan specializes, as well, working with those who are dealing with Chronic Disorganization and/or Hoarding.  Her continual education and experience has and continues to allow her to share in the positive changes with many people that she has worked with.  Susan has been in business as a Professional Organizer since October 2008 and offers services in Organizing, Downsizing, Senior Move Management, and Estate Cleanout Services.