Creating a healthy work environment can seem like a daunting task. Let us help make this an easier action through leadership training such as:

“Once upon a time everyone ran to work excited” and “Understanding and Approaching Employee Resistance and Opposition” and “Trust: It’s everything! How to build it, and how to keep it”.

Presenter: Stephen De Groot

As the Founder and President of Myriad Consulting, Stephen holds two important and purposeful intentions: which are to enhance the quality and experience of the people being served as clients and; to enhance the quality, value and meaning of the people providing that service.

An expert and authority on human behavior, performance, organizational climate, culture, development and leadership, Stephen maintains an exceptional track record in results. His approach to working with individuals, teams and/or whole organizations is informed and guided by an extensive and expansive range of philosophical, theoretical, technical and research-based orientations. More importantly however, Stephen takes his lead from “what works best”, information gathered within the experiences and success stories from the thousands of people he has worked with.

Stephen has combined information gathered from thousands of employee experiences with the latest research on quality leadership, employee motivation, engagement and performance from Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory and the last 3 decades of Work Motivation Theory. The research is applicable and applied to all modules/programs offered whether the topic is Project Management, managing people, leading change, having difficult conversations, Performance Management, learning strategy development, etc. He works with his team to ensure consistent quality and delivery of values and strength based training, coaching, team building and organizational development.

Stephen and the Myriad team work to understand core business objectives, operational challenges and tailor delivery to meet a myriad of organizational needs, values and goals.