Not everyone has time to get to the gym – why not bring exercise opportunities directly to you? Certified instructors are available to instruct in-house whether it be as a one-off activity or book a weekly session for a month, we can arrange these sessions to fit your scheduling needs.

Two Feet and a Heartbeat

Have you been injured on the job or in an accident? Dealing with the death of a loved one? Or feeling emotional and physically drained from being run ragged? Two Feet represents our body. Heartbeat is our soul, it’s who we are. Learning about who we are asks us to dig to the core of our being to determine not only what we’re made of but also what we’re able to become.

Being physically fit and healthy of mind and body can bring you to a personal potential you may not have known existed. It allows us to concentrate better, reducing the risk of accidents, makes us happier at work (improving morale and reducing absenteeism) and at home, and it improves our mood and self-worth… in short, it’s the magic pill we’ve all been looking for!

Laugh, cry, cheer. With the tools they’ll need to be healthy, audiences leave empowered, motivated and eager to learn and reach their potential!

Presenter: Christine van der Hoek
Healthy living expert, Personal Trainer, Ironman, Adventure Traveler 

Christine invites you to go beyond your boundaries and fears.  As a personal trainer, outdoor enthusiast, mountain biker, competitive triathlete, Christine’s adventurous spirit constantly pushes her limits at home and around the world. She has completed adventure and obstacle races and finished over 90 triathlons including four gruelling Ironman triathlons. Always ready to take on physical challenges that push her mentally, through healthy living she’ll share her insight into the motivation you’ll need to take control of your life, survive tragedy or injury. Become the fittest, happiest “you” possible. Overcoming a horrible tragedy, she delivers a powerful message, living by the words, “perseverance, determination and acceptance”.  

Adventure travel in remote locations as well as working in Jamaica, Mexico and extended periods consulting in China, have given great joy to Christine of collaborating with unique cultures. These journeys and her love of diversity have been life changing. Christine arouses in her audience the capacity and desire to apply these joys to their own lives. How you work and play, affects how you see yourself and the world.

As the owner of The Training Zone, manager of fitness programs at Canada’s largest medical fitness facility, course writer and conductor with Manitoba’s provincial fitness association, Christine’s passion is to help others discover the satisfaction and emotional wellness that living a heathy, accepting life brings. Improve your self-esteem, become empowered and increase your family and job satisfaction.

Nominee for Manitoba’s Women of Distinction Award and winner of the Mayor’s Fitness Award, Fitness Leader of the Year Award AND a goat-handling contest, Christine has dedicated herself to helping others deal with life’s challenges and supporting people to become emotionally and physically well.

Tally Young – Yoga

Yoga is a connection to the breathe, mind and aligned movement of our bodies to open energy and let go of what is not needed. Tally Young takes you into a practice that nurtures yoga’s basic essence. With the guiding hand of grace, Tally will lead you through practices of healing, opening, strength and beautiful release. As you move in practice with ease and softness, you will nurture a state of gratefulness for the presence of your body its movements and all that our bodies do for us. Tally has over 1300 hours of study in yoga. In offerings of therapeutic, restorative, vinyasa, yin, hatha, meditation and all that she can find to enhance the passion she vibrantly gives to others who play with her on the mat. Come out and breathe, play and nurture your body with much love.

Additional Group Fitness
Additional Fitness Class options available provided by certified Fitness Instructor Specialists who have their CPR and AED Certifications and who have been hand selected to represent their regions and classes of expertise including:

  • Yoga: Build strength, balance, flexibility through postures and breathing.
  • Yoga/Pilates combo: Postures of yoga combined with a core strength workout.
  • Zumba: Fitness workout to Latin dance beat.
  • Newbody: Low-impact cardio and muscle-defining workout.
  • No Sweat: Resistance band strength and flexibility workout.