Money and stress go hand in hand. No individual is immune to financial stress which can lead to a variety of challenges that can affect your overall quality of life including lack of sleep, irritability, depression and more. Through our financial literacy workshops and resources we can help to provide you with information that will help individuals deal with financial stress and limit the effects it may have on their life.

Tell Your Money Where To Go

Presenter: Brian Denysuik, President & CEO Creditaid

Brian Denysuik is a compassionate and engaging presenter who loves to share his philosophy about money. He is a successful business leader who has over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is a credit counselor and registered insolvency counselor. When it comes to people, money and debt he has seen it all. He has a clear understanding of the causes, including the unfortunate events in life  that can lead us into a debt trap. Brian will help you form a new relationship with the money you earn and he will help you;  tell your money where to go! He takes the complexity of money management back to fundamentals that we have all forgotten about.

His presentation style is engaging through story telling of live examples of what he experiences every day in the credit counseling and insolvency world. He believes in helping people get back to basics and learning to live within their means. He will cover topics like, “How to tell your money where to go”, How to buy money and understand the difference between credit and debt, Identity fraud, How to manage money as a couple, Kids and Money and How to deal with debt. In his day to day life Brian is passionate about helping people find the right solution to their debt problems and helps others learn how not to become a client.

Presentation Topics Include (but are not limited to)
  • Identity Theft
  • Dealing with Financial Stress
  • Budgeting made easy
  • Talking Money with your Kids
  • When Love Money and Marriage Come Together